Frequently Asked Questions

Will the DJ be properly dressed?
Yes! For weddings, the DJ will be in a suit & tie. For any other event, the DJ will dress according to formality.

How is the music handled, do you do any club mixing or will the songs be music that I am used to?

This can go either way depending on your taste and desire. Some people like mixing, others do not want their songs blended, shortened, or altered. We will respect your wishes either way. When appropriate, we will mix songs that are alike in BPM (beats per minute) and genre. In general, we try to preserve the length and lyrics you are used to. We will avoid mixing all together if requested.

Do you offer uplighting?

At this time, we do not offer uplighting. Here's why: we find that many halls/banquet centers already have uplighting available that best suites their venue. With that said, we are priced lower than DJ services that do offer uplighting, giving you the flexibility to use the venue's uplighting package or bring in a lighting service. Dancefloor lighting is included with our service. We prefer to focus on event coordination and sound while leaving the uplighting to the venue or specialty vendor.

What is the online planning system and how does it work?

Our Online Planner is a web form that you can fill it at any time when you are ready. This will help us organize your event and come up with a timeline/plan of action.

Sean will communicate your itinerary to all vendors involved. 

Will the music be appropriate for all ages?

Generally, yes, we receive all of our new music from a promotional music company that provides new releases to radio stations throughout the country. However, “radio” version or not, some songs are not appropriate for all ages. We will use our discretion and avoid any songs we feel are inappropriate for the crowd. Also, we will refrain from playing any songs that you specify.

Can I come see you perform at another wedding (or event)?
Unfortunately, due to the private nature of most of our events, we must respect the wishes of our couples and clients. We cannot allow outside guests to observe at private functions.

In all consultations, we guarantee our couples and clients that their event will not be used for promotion.

Another DJ quoted me a lower price. Will you price match?

Our prices are structured according to market, time and money investment in our service and equipment, and the nature of the event. 

A DJ with low end equipment, doing it "on the side", or who isn't going to make any effort to prepare ahead of your time for your reception is willing to conduct your special day for only a few hundred dollars. 

A few words of caution about having "family" or "friends" be your DJ. This is your special day, wouldn't you rather have your friend/family member out there having a good time with you? Do they utilize professional equipment? How many weddings have they done? Wouldn't you rather spend a little more and put the reception in trust of a professional entertainment service, since this is your "wedding reception", perhaps the single most important day in your entire life? 

Here are some DJ hiring tips:​

Does your service require a contract?
Yes! Any professional service will provide you with a contact to guarantee your date and provide terms/conditions of service. The contract also serves to guarantee your price, start and end time of service, and other details.

Do you require a deposit?

1/2 down is required to reserve the date and is non-refundable. The final balance is due 2 weeks before the event date.

Will you accept credit card payments?

Yes, you must have the credit card linked to a PayPal account. You can then make payments using PayPal. We will keep you up to date with invoices.

How much time do you need for setup and tear down?

Please allow a minimum of 3 hours for setup and 1 hour for tear down. Most reputable banquet facilities in the area understand this. Please let us know of any special setup requirements.

Do you require a meal?

Though not required, it is considered courteous and respectful to include your vendors in your food count as well. Most DJs, photographers, and videographers spend the day preparing, setting up, performing, and tearing down. If a meal is not provided, that means we can go in excess of 8-12 hours without eating.

Do you require a table?

Yes, we do not provide our own table. At a wedding reception or banquet, we prefer a table from the banquet facility in order to make sure it matches the linens used at the reception or banquet. This table should be at least 4 feet in length. Please make sure there are at least 2 working outlets, preferably on separate circuits if possible, within 10 feet of the DJ table.

These are just some of the frequently asked questions we receive from inquiries. Please call Sean at (330) 503-0939 with any questions.

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